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Fibre products and experiences from a family that puts their heart and soul into their passion.

Meraki Farm started as a way for us to bring our children and ourselves closer to the food we eat and the rhythm of the seasons. It continues to be an evolving journey of land stewardship, resource management and working together and with others in a sustainable way.

Our Story

Our Story
Our Farm

Down in the fields roams our small flock of long-wool sheep, under the watchful eye of their llama guardian, 'Penelope' and her cria 'Ozzi'. Our crosses of Blue Faced Leicester, Border Leicester, Romney... give us soft, lustrous colours of 6-8"staple wool. Our wool is great for hand-spinning and felting. Check out our 'products'.

The LLama Queen & Her Motley Crew

The Honey Bees

Tucked away behind some cedar trees you'll find the newest addition to our farm. These little buzzing pollinators give us lovely golden honey and sure have a way to woo the flowers, fruit trees and vegetables in our gardens. 

llama monkey and mom.JPG
monkey head Jan 2020.JPG


Our angora-type goats produce lustrous, strong mohair that can easily  be blended with wool to increase the strength and warmth of final products.

The Gardens

Our gardens are aesthetic but practical, providing nourishment, herbs, dye plants, scents, medicinals and pollinator habitat.

Daya Calypso Jan 2019.JPG
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