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About Fibre and Ordering - wool and mohair

Please scroll through our posted fleeces and fibres below. If you'd like to purchase one, please contact us and either arrange a pick up date at the farm or alternate shipping. If you don't see exactly what you need here, let us know what you are looking for. We don't post everything and since we do our own shearing, lengths can be pre-arranged. Fleeces are skirted and generally have very low vegetative matter. 


We have raw sheep fleeces for sale in white, grey and brown tones. Our sheep are cross-bred to produce long staple lengths of up to 7 inches, depending on the individual. Our animals with higher % BFL and very low Corriedale tend to produce soft, finer, crimpy fleeces in white and light grey/brown tones. Our BFL x Romney x Gotland or Border Leicester can produce fabulous, more open and more durable curls or tighter crimpy locks, depending on the breeding. Prices range depending on quality, length and colour.

Braunwen, Ceylon and their offspring produce high % BFL fleeces with lovely brown and grey tones. Depending on the shearing time, 4-7" staple raw fleeces are available.

PW lamb29.JPG

Ewes like Daisy, Maximum, and, Angel and their offspring produce mostly white fleeces either with crimp or some curl, depending on the ram.

Our Blue-faced Leicester Ram

Leo 2018.JPG

Leo is currently our registered Blue Faced Leicester ram. This year's 2021 lambing has successfully produced several lovely coloured lambs, with quadruplets, triplets and lots of twins!

Leo 2018 fleece.JPG

Raw Fleeces for sale:

Cassie-type Fleece

fleece becky curl 2019-1.JPG

Cassie-type fleeces are  BFL with Romney x Border Leicester in her breeding. Approx. 8 pound raw fleece with mostly 6 inch staple, ranging 5-7 inches. Lots of curl. Priced at $14 a pound

Angel /Daisey type fleeces 

fleece angel 2019-1.JPG

White fleeces with BFL with Border LeicesterxRomneyxGotland in their breeding. Approx. 8 pounds with 5-7 inch staple, priced at approx. $12 per pound. 

Beauty 2019-5.JPG



Juniper-type fleece has RomneyxBorder Leicester x BFL and Gotland in her breeding.  Approx. 8 pound raw fleece with mostly 6-7 inch staple, priced at $12 per pound.

Ceylon type Fleece


Ceylon-type (offspring of Bronwen). High BFL with a bit of RomneyxCorrie in her breeding. Nicely textured, soft. Approx. 6-8  pound raw fleece with 5-6.5 inch staple. My favorite for handspinning wearables. Priced at $16 a pound.

Maximum type Fleece

RF 341 6-7inch .JPG

This type of ewe fleece has  lower BFL with Romney x Border Leicester in her breeding. A more durable staple. Approx. 7 pound raw fleece with 5-7 inch staple. Priced at $10 a pound.

Lamb - white - raw

PW lamb29.JPG

This lamb fleece was pre-washed on the animal. High BFL with Romney x Corriedale x Gotland. 3 pound fleece with 4.5 - 5 inch staple. Sought after for craft beards and home-dyed locks. Priced at $100 washed.

Also available: unwashed white lamb at approx. 3 pounds for $55

Lamb Locks Pre-packaged


These lamb locks were pre-washed on the animal, which preserves some lanolin, but allows the fibre to bloom. Hot-sellers for crafts, such as beards and mitten trim. Half a pound priced at $20. Limited quantity available. Approx. 4-5 inch staple, depending on the lamb.

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