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 Wool and Mohair Roving


We have a very limited amount of roving. We have it processed, so you can sample it. We'd love for you to buy raw fleeces by the pound or whole and process it yourself. We can also offer to line things up with a local mill and have it blended to suit you if you want 3 fleeces or more to be processed. 

Natural White Roving


Natural white roving, available in a variety blends. 

30% mohair - 70% wool

40% mohair - 60% wool

13% mohair - 87% wool

250g $32

Dyed 100% Lambswool Roving

Dyed 100% lambswool roving, available in moss, fuchsia, blue and turquoise


Bumps from our high% Blue-faced Leicester lambs.

Light fawn color.  Processed within an hour from us at Mariposa Mill.

4oz bumps   $22

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