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Locks and Curls

We have a very limited supply of washed curls/ locks. Our hope is that you will enjoy them as samples. We'd prefer you order raw fleeces whole or by the pound and wash them how you'd like them. We only gently wash with a small amount of detergent or we just rinse cold and then somewhat hot. Sometimes the fleece is washed on the animal and then sheared 2 weeks later. We have more than is posted here - adding as we have time. 


Blue Faced Leicester fleece - light greys to dark browns, 6" resting lock, 8+" gently stretched. For soft wearables. Washed once.  1472GB

30g $9, 100g/ 3.5oz  $28

Product 2


BFL cross with curls. White with moorit greys and reddish tips. Soft, structured lock. Rinsed. 3.5-4" resting lock, 5-6" gently stretched. 1370WG


30g  $8, 100g  $25

Product 3


BFL x Border Leicester x Gotland

White soft lamb locks. 4" resting lock, 6" gently stretched. Rinsed. 1272W

30g $7, 100g $22

Product 4


BFL (Wensleylike).  Easy spinning. Grey tones

5-7" locks, washed  #1432GB

30g $9, 100g $28

Product 5


BFL Gotland. Robust. Easy spinning, easy felting, open, chunky. Washed  #192117BG

30 g  $7, 100g  $22

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