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Meet & Greet

New in the 2024 season! 

We are offering our fibre and farm product customers an opportunity to spend time with selected animals. Sharing connection to fibre and the animals borders on spiritual importance to us. Let's face it - we can't compete with most industrial, out-of-country prices, so a real live experience is something we have an edge on. Pricing coming soon.

monkey head Jan 2020.JPG

Monkey is a male llama born on our farm after 350 days of gestation - go figure! He is waiting to meet you on a guided walk. Learn about llama fibre, care and their role as flock protectors. 

Learn about how hard it is to raise these fun and fluffy Angora goats without the fleece getting soiled and you'll appreciate why mohair is expensive!

Daya Calypso Jan 2019.JPG

Guided, hands-on meetings with our friendly sheep. Learn about their different types of fleeces and enjoy their personalities.

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